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Build a blog with Django

I wrote "Build a blog with Django" for Linux User & Developer magazine issue 136.

In fact, the demo site is live at
Update: The demo site is down (07 April 2018).

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Using Django and MongoDB to Build a Blog

I wrote "Using Django and MongoDB to Build a Blog" for the February 2014 issue of Linux Journal!

This article shows how to create a simple blog site using the MongoDB Document Database and the Django Web framework.

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Python Imaging Library

For my Django photography blog site to work, I had to install the Python Imaging Library (PIL) package: python-imaging

The strange thing is that the site used to work!!

The error message I was getting is:

"No module named Image"

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My blog site...

As I am currently very busy, I decided to use the existing Drupal installation for my blog site.

Its URL is


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Django Logo

I am thinking of creating my blog site ( using Django.

It would be a good opportunity to really study and learn Django. More about it soon :)

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