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Visualize Data with Graphviz

Linux User & Developer 132

I wrote "Visualise Data with Graphviz" for Linux User & Developer issue 132!

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My blog site...

As I am currently very busy, I decided to use the existing Drupal installation for my blog site.

Its URL is http://www.mtsoukalos.eu/blog/


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Django Logo

I am thinking of creating my blog site (http://blog.mtsoukalos.eu) using Django.

It would be a good opportunity to really study and learn Django. More about it soon :)

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My new site

Greatest Mistake

This is the professional site of Mihalis Tsoukalos.

This is the my first post.
The site is currelny under construction.

Instead of fearing to publish an incomplete site, I am publishing it today.

Thanks for visiting my site!


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