Mastering Go FAQ

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1. Does the book have a web page?
Yes: Mastering Go web page and Mastering Go TOC.

2. Is Mastering Go good for amateur programmers?
Although anyone can read Mastering Go, if you have never programmed before, Mastering Go might not be the best choice.

3. Who is this book for?
Mastering Go is for people who are already familiar with Go or any other programming language and want to take their Go knowledge to the next level!

4. Is Mastering Go different from Go Systems Programming?
Go Systems Programming is about learning to develop system tools in Go. Mastering Go is about learning the characteristics and the inner workings of the Go Programming Language in order to write better Go code.

5. Why buy Mastering Go?
Because Mastering Go will make you a better Go developer. The book contains many autonomous examples in order to illustrate the Go topics that it covers.

6. Have more questions?
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