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Books that Every Programmer should read at least twice

  • The C Programming Language by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie. The book presents the C Programming Language but it is not for novices. It is a masterpiece and tells you how to write clear and concise code using C. I think that every programmer should read it even if she does not code in C.
  • The UNIX Programming Environment by Brian W. Kernighan and Rob Pike. This is a must have for everyone that wants to learn UNIX programming and its philosophy. If you only get one UNIX book, get this one!
  • The Practice of Programming by Brian W. Kernighan and Rob Pike. This is a book full of practical advices about programming and is not language specific.
  • The Mythical Man Month and Other Essays on Software Engineering by Frederick Brooks. This is a book about software project management and is a pleasure to read. The release of IBM’s System/360 led Fred Brooks to write this book.
  • Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction by Steve McConnell. This book contains the best practical guides about programming and software engineering. It is a must read!
  • Programming Pearls by Jon Bentley. Each chapter presents a problem and the writer guides the reader thru the thought process to find better and better solutions. It is a timeless book.
  • UNIX Power Tools by Jerry Peek, Shelley Powers, Tim O'Reilly and Mike Loukides. This is the best book for learning to use the various UNIX command line tools like a UNIX guru. The power of UNIX comes from combining its various command line tools to solve a problem. Knowing UNIX will make your life as a programmer easier.
  • Masterminds of Programming: Conversations with the Creators of Major Programming Languages. This book contains interviews of people that created many major programming languages including C++, Python, Objective-C, Perl, Java, etc. It is both educational and enjoyable and you will have a great time reading it.
  • Beautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain How They Think. Computer scientists offer case studies that tell how they found solutions to programming problems.
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